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Hound Dog & Bean - B.G. Thomas

This was definitely not for me. Usually I like this author's work and the blurb sounded good, so I gave this a try. I never warmed up to H.D. throughout the whole book. I know he had issues, but I found him to be selfish. And too slutty. (and not in the fun way) Mini rant (and spoilers!) ahead...

WTF? Dean's parents gave him a bit of a hard time so he totally blames it all on Dean then takes off without telling anyone anything (except take care of my dog, since that's all he cares about). He basically runs from everything and uses guys for his own needs with no consideration for anyone else. Anyways, he takes off, cheats on Dean in the process (though since he was running away, I guess that doesn't count) and when he finally pulls his head out of his ass? DEAN JUST TAKES HIM BACK LIKE NOTHING!!!! No apology, no explanation, nothing. Just, BAM! HEA.

Again, WTF?

Plus, I think it could of been edited better to cut out ALOT of pages/scenes. I'm all for getting my moneys worth, but most of it was just the characters thinking about life or conversations between one MC and a minor character.

Can't recommend this one, but you should try Trust Me or Bianca's Plan by this author.