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Falcon - Lynn Hagen

What I liked - The tattoo artist lusting after the big, bad leader of a bunch of bikers. (sue me, it's fantasy!) The Darlings were interesting as the politics with other packs.


What I didn't like - Everything happens so fast. And characters are just supposed to get the f*ck over it. (ie - main characters gets 'converted', but since it wasn't as bad as the other main character's experience, he just needs to suck it up) Alot of happening in the background, laying the groundwork for future books.


Last Impressions - So, so start of a new series. I might not have liked all the groundwork being laid about everywhere, but I do want to read about the detective and Falcon's twin getting together (so I guess I shouldn't of complained then, huh?)


Honestly, Lynn Hagen's books are like crack to me. Usually quick, simple, feel good reads, I can't help buy buy them. (though I really wish Siren would get a decent cover artist)