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Silver Presents: Love is Love - D.J. Manly, A.J. Llewellyn, Patricia Logan, Nicole Dennis, Anel Viz, Chris Quinton, Serena Yates, Andy Slayde, Ali Wilde, Sara York, Allison Cassatta, Pelaam, S.A. Garcia, Lexi Ander, Faith Ashlin, Sammy Jo Hunt I read a story here and there since this was a pretty big anthology. And like all anthologies, some stories are good, some great, and some are just bad.

Individual stars under the spoiler tag...

Never Too Late by Chris Quinton - 4 stars. I liked this story. Likeable characters and a May/December romance. Good story to start out with.

Chosen by Pelaam - 2 stars. MC's were too sappy for me. This vampire romance failed to catch my attention.

Smoke Break by Allison Cassatta - 3.5 stars. Very cute and sexy read. Liked this one.

Watching For Love by Sara York - 3.5 stars. Another sexy, sweet read.

Far From Home by Serena Yates - 2 stars. From anger to insta-love, the emotions were just too sweet and not realistic to me.

Lord Godiva's Pony Training by S.A. Garcia - 1.5 stars. Too dry, characters didn't engage me and the pony play did nothing for me.

A Return to Normalcy by Anel Viz - 1 star. Actually negative stars if I could give them. The MC was a huge jerk who was carelessly cruel about his partner's mental health issues, gets drunk and sleeps with his ex-wife (and is caught by his teenage son who he asks not to tell the partner). And when he tells the partner? It's not a big deal. He should of did it a long time ago. No consideration and selfish to boot! I really disliked this story.

Solitude Disrupted by Andy Slayde and Ali Wilde - 4 stars. I really enjoy this writing team. Loved the characters and good story to start with again after that last one.

Leap of Faith by Lexi Ander - 4 stars. Loved the MC's and their respective ex's were easy to hate.

Clean Monday by A.J. Llewellyn and DJ Manly - 3.5 stars. Surprisingly sweet story about starting over after a suicide attempt.

My Unintended by Faith Ashlin - 2.5 stars. Confused MC has a chat with his granny and realizes he doesn't want to lose his boyfriend. He was a bit of a jerk before that, but semi redeemed himself by the end.

Roadside Rescue by Nicole Dennis - 1.5 stars. Started out promising, but ended up being lovers reenacting their first meeting in a snowstorm.

Unmasked by Patricia Logan - 1 star. Overuse of the words 'Master' and 'Slave'. And the whole Master telling his Slave about having sex with another guy (in the middle of sex) turned me off (even if the 'slave' liked it)

Checkmate! by Sammy Jo Hunt - 2.5 stars. Closeted anchorman and younger lifeguard have some sex with chess references.


So, out of 14 stories, over 7 were under 3 stars, so I'm only scoring this one a 2. Though I really did enjoy a few of these, it couldn't make up for the not so great ones.